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North Shore

Mtn 99 Upriver
Cyrus Canyon
Robinson Cove
Frontier Homes
Sierra Way
Horse Meadows
Wofford Heights
Lakeshore Pines
Wagy Flats
Hungry Gulch
Isabella Highlands
Evans Rd
Juniper Point
Juniper Highlands
Old State Rd
Homestead Tract
Pala Ranches
Alta Sierra

Valley Central

Bodfish Canyon
Bodfish Oaks
Bodfish Town
Rim Rd
Canyon Meadows
Piute Meadows
Piute Meadows Ranches N
Piute Meadows Ranches S
Walker Basin
Larsen Tract
Reeder Tract
Lake Isabella
Lakeland Estates
Yankee Canyon

South Shore

Mtn Mesa
Squirrel Valley
Walker Pass
Onyx Town
Hillview Acres
Cortz Canyon
Hillview Acres
Fay Canyon
Tradewinds Tract
Valley Estates
Prince Tract
Piute Mtns
Kelso Creek Rd
Bella Vista
Lakeview Ranchos
Pauls Place

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